Bedford Appliance Installation

Your House Remodeling LLC is proud to offer full-service electrical work to all of our Bedford customers. From large retrofitting jobs to every day projects like home appliance installation, our friendly and professional crew are available to help you with all your electrical needs, big and small.

Did you know that in many cases when you invest in professional appliance installation, you’ll benefit from an extended warranty? This is because a professional installation guarantees a safe installation.

Enjoy your new appliances without the fear of potential danger. Did you use the right outlet? Can your electrical system handle that luxury fridge? With Your House Remodeling LLC, every appliance installation is worry-free. Guaranteed.

Free-Standing Appliance Installation

Most Bedford homeowners take it as a given that installing their new fridge, dishwasher, clothing washer, or dryer is something that’s completely on them to do. However, that’s not the case.

At Your House Remodeling LLC we’ve been installing a wide variety of appliances for our clients for years. A professional installation is affordable and will ensure safety during installation and safety using your new appliances daily.

  • Dishwasher installation
  • Washer and dryer installation
  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Refrigerator installation

Our appliance installation services start at the planning stage if you’re uncertain about what type of appliance replacement can work properly with your electric system. Certified with a long history of hands on experience, our crew is the best bet for saving you time and providing you with a headache-free installation.

Built-in Appliance Installation

In the case of built-in appliance installation, professional installation isn’t a choice, it’s the only option. If you attempt to install your new wall oven or mounted microwave you will be risking electrical incidents all of which will not be covered by insurance due to the lack of professional electricians on site.

Your Your House Remodeling LLC electrical contractor will take all the necessary precautions when installing built-in appliances, turning off circuit breakers and using insulated tools to create the safest working conditions.

Built-in appliances are a classy addition to any Bedford home but the last thing you want when installing your impressive new conversation piece is to have it spark an electrical fire and damage your home as well as injure any people who are inside at the time.

Electrical work should always be taken seriously and executed by professional certified electricians.

The Cost of Installation

Appliance installation costs range anywhere from $115-$274, with exceptions made for smaller jobs, larger jobs, or jobs involving multiple appliances.

Your House Remodeling LLC is invested in providing our clients with the best service at the best prices. You can count on us to work within a budget and get all work done swiftly and efficiently.

Enjoy Your Appliances Faster

Paying for professionals to install your appliances may seem like an unnecessary step to some, but it is a step that will save you time, and money in the long-run.

Eliminate any risks associated with complicated electrical installations by relying on the certified pros at Your House Remodeling LLC. Serving Bedford with quality electrical work that anyone can afford, you’ll be happy to have made the right decision! Give us a call today to get started.