Bedford’s Residential Lighting Electrician

When you need residential electrical work taken care of, you need a crew that takes the work they do seriously. At Your House Remodeling LLC, our certified electricians have been working with residential lighting indoors and out and know how to work efficiently and leave our clients satisfied.

In fact, customer satisfaction is so important to us that we offer free estimates for our services to start. From there, we always do our best to work within your budget to accomplish your lighting goals.

Whether you’re looking for small repairs or for us to design an entire lighting system, we have the technical skill, experience, and eye for detail that has been setting us apart from other Bedford electricians for years.

Safe Installations and Rewiring

The Your House Remodeling LLC belief is that safety is key. Electrical work can appear simple, but it’s a pursuit that can get dangerous fast. Old wiring can cause electrocution as well as electrical fires that can catch and decimate a home quickly.

This is why it’s important to work with experienced and certified electricians who do this work on a daily basis. We understand how tempting it can be to try it out on your own, but it’s not worth the risk. Additionally, electrical work done by homeowners is often non-insurable.

Bedford homeowners know they can trust the confident crew at Your House Remodeling LLC to install new lighting, and execute rewiring jobs in older or improperly wired homes.

Fast and Affordable Lighting Services

Residential lighting installation and maintenance can be used to cover a lot. Some clients simply want us to come in and install new fixtures, some are hoping to secure their property with some well-placed outdoor lights, while others are aiming for an impressive lighting display throughout their landscaped yard.

Fast jobs can be accomplished within the day, with more complicated projects taking multiple days.

Given the range of services we offer at Your House Remodeling LLC, it’s hard to put a pin on an exact price for you to keep in mind when considering investing in residential lighting services.

For example, simple installations could be as little as $88 for traditional ceiling mounted lights, or as much as $200 for fluorescent or pendant lighting.

Decorative outdoor lighting may set you back $400 depending on fixtures and lighting style, with security lighting running about the same.

In some cases, malfunctioning lighting is caused by an improperly wired home, or an older home with malfunctioning wiring. Not something anyone wants to deal with, these cases can call for partial or entire home rewiring with a cost estimate of $3,500-8,000.

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Your House Remodeling LLC has been serving Bedford for a long time now. Since we opened our doors, we had a goal to provide the best electrical and client services around.

Our dedicated approach, love for the work we do, and affordable rates, have earned us many repeat clients. To us, making lasting connections with our clients is important. We understand that having an electrician you can rely on is ideal for any homeowner!

Give us a call today, and let’s talk lighting!