Concord In-Floor Heating Installation

Once you install a radiant heating system in your floors, you’re never going to go back to cold floors ever again. Heated floors feel luxurious the moment you set foot on them, and that feeling never changes. Whether you have them in your kitchen, bathroom, or both rooms, your toes will thank you every morning!

While there are considerations such as installation time and cost when you’re considering installing radiant floor heating, the benefits far outweigh the setbacks.

Heated floors are space and energy efficient, not to mention, simple to run. And when you have licensed electricians do the installation, you’ll have a flawless experience from start to finish. Want to warm up your Concord home? Call Your House Remodeling LLC today.

How Does it Work?

Heated floors are created by installing an electric heating cable or heating mat under floor tiles. The simplest installation is done when installing a new floor, but if you are set on keeping your existing floors, hydronic radiant heat will be your best bet.

We’ll do this by installing tubes on the underside of the subfloor that circulate water through them, heating your existing floor.

Otherwise, when installing new floors, you have the option of any radiant floor heating you like. Mats are a popular choice as they rest between subfloor and finish material, warming your entire floor. With other options you may have spots that aren’t as consistently warm as other points.

Is it a Smart Heating Choice?

Is an underfloor heating installation a good idea? The short answer is: yes. But you probably want to hear the exact reasons, right?

Our Concord clients are discerning, and expect quality, which we’re more than capable of delivering. As part of our commitment to our clients, we practice honesty and transparency in all situations, and are happy to provide you with any knowledge you require at any point in our professional relationship!

  • Save space
  • Save energy
  • Increase cleanliness
  • Increase comfort

Think about it: classic heating solutions take up space. Radiators and baseboard heaters will take up a good chunk of wall real estate stopping you from using it for other purposes. Underfloor heating removes that problem. And, with its superior insulation, heat retention is better with this system, saving you money.

Radiators and baseboard heaters also collect dirt like crazy. Decrease the potential for frustrating allergens when you opt for in floor heating instead!

Finally—you want your feet to be comfortable, right? You’ll never have to experience freezing morning floors again with this design choice.

Warm up Today

Ready to warm up? We’re ready to help. The certified electricians at Your House Remodeling LLC can install your new electric underfloor heating quickly and safely. We always take the necessary precautions on our work site to keep our team and your family safe when electricity is around.

Our clients are important to us. We love being able to provide them with superior electric work, all at competitive pricing. Give us a call today and get an estimate for your new warmer floor!