Hooksett Home Automation

Futuristic and fun yet pricey and unnecessary? Or affordable, functional and efficient? This is what many homeowners in Hooksett wonder when they hear the words “home automation system”.

While fiction has been talking about smart homes for decades, home automation options did not become truly popular or affordable until the early 2000s. Now, 18 years later, anyone who wants to increase their home’s functionality, their own productivity, and eco-friendliness are looking to their local electricians to install a wide range of smart home devices.

Your House Remodeling LLC has stayed with the times. We have installed many small and large home automation systems for Hooksett homeowners over the years and look forward to every new development in the industry!

Certified Installations

While some smart home upgrades are simple to carry out, others are quite a bit more complicated. And, small or large, simple or difficult, the at-home DIYer is likely to run into their fair share of bumps along the road.

Your House Remodeling LLC is made up of a crew of certified local electricians who are passionate about what they do, and are on the job on a daily basis. With years of education and experience, when you want a flawless and safe installation, always go to a pro.

Choosing Your System

So, what can you do with home automation and how to choose what to include with yours?

Home automation electricians can start you off with either a wired, wireless, or combination networking protocol. We’ll work with either your home’s built-in wiring, via your wireless system, or Bluetooth.

Then it just comes down to deciding what you want to automate! It really can be just about anything. Smart outlets, lighting, security sensors, locks… the list goes on!

Think about your day-to-day life and figure out what slows you down. Home automation systems are meant to save you time and energy. At Your House Remodeling LLC we work with appliance/lighting/security combos quite regularly.

Sitting at your desk worried that you didn’t lock your door on the way out? Just take out your smartphone and lock it just to be safe. That’s right—you don’t need to be in your home to use these systems, and that’s one of the biggest benefits we can think of!

The Cost of Home Automation

How much does it cost to find an electrician and install your home automation system? Without discussing your goals, it’s hard to give an exact estimate.

However, on average you can expect to pay $454 on the low end or $2,023 on the higher end.

Your new system will save you money. In fact, smart homes are 30% cheaper to operate! You could even get an insurance discount on top of it. Make the right choice for your wallet, your convenience, and keep your family and your home safer than ever.

Simplify Your Life

We all have a lot on our plates. Hooksett and the rest of the world are busier and more stressed than ever. So, why not invest in your sanity?

Your new home automation system will be the best thing you’ve done all year! Give Your House Remodeling LLC a call and let’s get automating!