Hooksett Residential Surge Protection

When a power surge occurs, you may not even know that it’s happened. Knowing that, does it make surges any less dangerous to your electronic device? Not at all!

When electricity spikes in your wiring, it’s wearing away at your appliances and other devices, which will cause them to break down over time or depending on the size of the surge, immediately.

Your House Remodeling LLC helps Hooksett homeowners choose and install the best surge protection for their home. By trusting in licensed electricians rather than making the purchase yourself, you’ll ensure a working system that is guaranteed to keep your electrical devices safe.

Internal Power Surges

Your home’s electrical system is constantly regulating the amount of power that goes to devices and appliances. If for some reason one appliance shuts down unexpectedly, the power that was going into it, gets dispersed amongst everything else that is currently plugged in.

This unexpected amount of power is a surge, and can hit microprocessors, and circuit boards, effectively putting them out of commission.

There is a variety of surge protectors, two of which apply to internal surges. By using single outlet surge protectors, any device plugged in to that outlet will be immune from surges. At Your House Remodeling LLC we recommend at the very least you use surge protectors for your computers and laptops.

External Power Surges

External power surges originate with outside sources, not with your appliances themselves. If lighting hits or a storm knocks a tree into your power lines, these incidents cause an external power surge.

Stronger than internal power surges, an external surge can burn up entire motherboards and will affect your electronic devices far faster than an internal surge will. These surges can even cause electrical fires.

Surge protectors that protect from these incidents are called whole house surge protectors and when combined with single outlet surge protectors, create a powerful protective barrier for your home’s electrical system!

Buy the Best

Hooksett homeowners want to invest in the best when they purchase surge protectors.

It can be simple to go out and pick up a power bar, but if you’re having real issues with your electrical wiring and experience regular internal and external power surges, it’s time to call in Your House Remodeling LLC and see how we can help.

Our licensed electricians will create a protection plan for your home that keeps all your appliances, even large ones, safe from electrical surges.

Keep Your Home Safe

Malfunctioning electronics means danger for your home. It’s surprisingly easy for electrical fires and shocks to start occurring when devices and appliances are left to degrade.

Power surges quicken the degradation process, making it important to invest in quality home surge protection whether you’ve seen evidence of surges or not.

Your House Remodeling LLC has been helping hundreds of Hooksett homeowners with their electrical needs for years now, and with a reputation built on honesty and safety, you can count on our licensed electricians to get you the best surge protection around.

Give us a call today if you have questions or are ready for us to come take a look at your home!