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Residential Appliance Installation

Looking to invest in new appliances, but not too sure which the best ones are for your home electrical system or how to install them properly? We’ve got the answer.

Your House Remodeling LLC is a full-service electrical crew who not only performs electrical repairs and large-scale jobs, we also provide appliance installation services.

If you have yet to purchase your appliances, we’ll inspect your current setup and advise on the best changes to make. And, when it comes to installation, you can count on us to arrive on-time and finish your installation quickly and safely.

If you’re getting ready to purchase new appliances for your home, give us a call today!

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Services Available

The certified electricians at Your House Remodeling LLC are skilled in a wide range of appliance installations. If it’s electrical, we can work with it! If it’s not listed here, just give us a call and see what we can do for you.

Dishwasher installation

Your dishwasher works with both water and electricity, and as we all know, those two things aren’t so great when combined in the wrong way. Your House Remodeling LLC will ensure a safe dishwasher installation on every job.

Washer and dryer installation

Whether you’re upgrading your machines or are upgrading from the laundromat, purchasing a new washer and dryer is an exciting thing. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but as a homeowner, this purchase can be as exciting as a car. Get certified electricians to install your new washer and dryer and use them faster and more efficiently!

Garbage disposal installation

We haven’t met many clients who are looking forward to installing whirring blades in their sink. But sink garbage disposals are useful little appliances that will save you money and make your home greener. Just let us handle the tough part.

The Your House Remodeling LLC crew is also able to install refrigerators, stoves, and built-in appliances such as wall ovens and mounted microwaves.

Appliance Installation Costs

How much does it cost on top of purchasing your appliances to get a professional to finish off the job? You’ll be happy to hear that it’s not much. At Your House Remodeling LLC, we are focused on strong customer satisfaction, and a big part of that is offering free service estimates and the most competitive rates around.

On average, appliance installation will cost $115 to $274. New appliances are already an investment, and by adding on professional installation you’ll be guaranteeing that your investment is well worth it. In fact, in many cases you can extend your warranty with a professional installation!

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Ready to get shopping? Make part of your appliance shopping deciding on the best certified electricians to install your new purchases. Your House Remodeling LLC has years of hands-on experience, with every member of our crew being fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your comfort and our safety.

Efficient quality installations within a small timeframe is what sets us apart from other electrical contractors who might have you sitting around all day waiting for them to show up.